Virtualmin Install-Problem: Removing nginx (if installed) before LAMP installation.

Submitted by Gast (nicht überprüft) on Mo, 03/05/2018 - 11:55

root@server2  # ./

  Welcome to the Virtualmin GPL installer, version 6.0.8

  This script must be run on a freshly installed supported OS. It does not
  perform updates or upgrades (use your system package manager) or license
  changes (use the "virtualmin change-license" command).

  The systems currently supported by are:

    CentOS/RHEL Linux 6 and 7 on x86_64
    Debian 7, 8, and 9, on i386 and amd64
    Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and 16.04 LTS, on i386 and amd64

  If your OS/version/arch is not listed, installation will fail. More
  details about the systems supported by the script can be found here:

  The selected package bundle is LAMP and the size of install is
  full. It will require up to 650 MB of disk space.

  Exit and re-run this script with --help flag to see available options.

 Continue? (y/n) y
[INFO] Started installation log in /root/virtualmin-install.log

▣□□ Phase 1 of 3: Setup
Downloading repository metadata                                         [  ✔  ]
Enabling universe repositories, if not already available                [  ✔  ]
Disabling cdrom: repositories                                           [  ✔  ]
Cleaning out old metadata                                               [  ✔  ]
Downloading RPM-GPG-KEY-virtualmin-6                                    [  ✔  ]
Downloading RPM-GPG-KEY-webmin                                          [  ✔  ]
Installing Virtualmin 6 key                                             [  ✔  ]
Installing Webmin key                                                   [  ✔  ]
Updating apt metadata                                                   [  ✔  ]

▣▣□ Phase 2 of 3: Installation
Installing Webmin                                                       [  ✔  ]
Installing Usermin                                                      [  ✔  ]
Installing fail2ban                                                     [  ✔  ]
Removing nginx (if installed) before LAMP installation.                 █▒▒▒▒▒▒
[1]+  Stopped                 ./



Gespeichert von Alberto Gago (nicht überprüft) am/um So, 12/29/2019 - 13:37

Permanenter Link is trying to remove phpmyadmin and it throughs a dialog to confirm. Therefore, the install script is waiting for confirmation. You can see the dialog waiting in /root/virtualmin-install.log. One solution is removing by "apt-get remove phpmyadmin" before executing script.

This happens to me installing in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

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